Thursday, June 8, 2017


Just in case you missed this email, No Farm Shares Today.  Sorry, See you next week!

Hi folks,

We surveyed the garden yesterday and made the decision to delay the second farm share until a week from this Thursday.

***FARM SHARE #2 will be on June 15.***

It was hard to make this choice but this is what the garden is telling us to do.  So far this year we have been relying primarily on what is growing in the tunnels.  The outside gardens have been very slow to grow this spring because of the cloudy and cool weather.  The plants need sun to photosynthesize!  We hope that by giving the plants a bit more time to develop, we'll have a more plentiful harvest next week.

This is unusual.  Usually we just keep going week after week and we have every confidence that the garden will be bountiful once the sun starts shining.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We'll take the extra time for planting and tending the garden.  See you on June 15.

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