Wednesday, June 14, 2017

FARM SHARE 2 - June 15, 2017


June 13, 2017

Hello, farm members!

We are happy to report that taking a week off from the shares was very helpful to the garden.  Veggies are starting to grow at last!  Plus we did some important planting for summer and fall.

Our moveable electric fencing is working well, protecting the animals and the pasture.  Locations change so keep an eye out for both the white mesh fence and the black insulated wires between areas.  

Pigs, ducks, and pullets (young chickens) are all growing well.  We'll be getting some more chicks in a few weeks that we will be raising for meat.  Many are spoken for already but if you want to reserve some, they will be ready in September.

Fruit set is pretty good this year.  We are excited to see tiny plums, peaches, and currants.  Hopefully, there will be lots that ripen and if so, we'll share with you.  Keep your fingers crossed.

The shares are still relatively small and mostly green and leafy but there are signs of more goodies to come - tiny carrots, peas starting to bloom,  and teeny cucumbers.  We're picking chard this week!

Head lettuce - tender butterhead lettuces
Salad turnips - round white ones (Hakurei) and long white and purple ones (Hinona Kabu)
Radishes - just a few left in this planting, more later
Greens - turnip greens, Asian (Sensapoi, Yokatta-Na, Bekana), mustard greens, and chard!
Herbs - dill, cilantro, sweet cicely, more
Flowers! - a few are ready, Sweet William, painted daisy, lupine, maybe some peonies

Pick Up is this Thursday, between 3:00 and 7:00.  On Thursdays, we will send a quick email when everything is ready for you.  (Delivery Folks, we'll send you an email when we are about to go to town.)

We will be happy to answer any questions you have about your share and will share recipes from time to time.  Check out our farm recipe blog. You can the search tool to look for recipes for particular vegetables.  If you have ideas for cooking your veggies, please send them along.  Pictures are also very welcome!  You may also share and find food preparation ideas and pictures at our Facebook page

Many people find it useful to unpack and look at all their share when they first get it.  Some items will do well stored as is and other things do better if washed and dried before storage.  We "field wash” your vegetables but they are not ready to eat.  Look at everything and make sure you know what it is and how to use it.  (Don’t worry, most things will be familiar favorites.)  If you are not sure what something is or how to use it, ask us or check the CSA blog.  We post the contents of each week’s share there and sometimes include recipes.  

Tote bags or baskets to carry food and a vase or jar for your flowers.


Butterhead lettuce

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  1. Oh my Heavens! Your little farm is AMAZING! BTW: The lupines are gorgeous!