Sunday, May 24, 2015

Let the season begin!

Farm shares will be starting very soon!  June 4 is the official start date but we have enough vegetables that we are having a Pre-Season Warm-Up Share this Thursday, May 28!

Although we have fairly small amounts of each vegetable, we have enough overall to offer the Big Shares a few items.  And a chance to get organized for the season.  For Robin and me, that means thoroughly cleaning and clearing out the kitchen and dining room, (currently cluttered and we need space!), cleaning and clearing the outside washing station, (currently holds lots of flower seedlings that need to be set out), and preparing the porch for pick up day, (currently full of seedlings for sale that can be moved to outdoor shelves or the hoophouse).  Oh yeah, and this week we are also planting said flowers, plus tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant.  Also prepping beds for all squash family plants.  Busy week ahead!

And for you farm members, it's time to find your farm share bag, arrange to be here Thursday between 2 and 7, start planning meals that include lots of fresh greens, remember to check your email early in the week to see what's coming, etc.

For me, it's always a bit scary and very exciting to be starting the farm share season.  I always worry there will not be enough for everyone.  Later in the season I worry that we are giving people too much food to deal with.  We want to to an excellent job of growing nutritious food for our members and ourselves.  We want bounty!  We want to be able to continue to nurture ourselves and enjoy all parts of our lives.  (Did someone mention singing?  Fishing?  Family and friends?)  Each morning I say a little prayer asking for help to do a good job raising food for us all.

In another post I'll give you ideas about how to get the very best out of your farm share experience but for now I'll just say that I hope it is wonderful and I thank you for your trust in us.  We will do our best to grow good food for you and we welcome you to be part of our little farm.

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