Sunday, August 17, 2014

Farm Share # 11 - August 14, 2014

Summer is in full swing.  Lots and lots to put in the shares with lots of variety.  Rob and I are busy picking and processing vegetables most of the time and there isn't time for much else!  Cooking, for me, takes a back seat when there is so much to preserve for the winter.

We are having a pretty good summer squash year - 2 kind of zucchinis, Summer Crookneck, Yellow Straightneck, Zephyr, Magda, Di Rizzo round zucchinis, Bennings Patty Pan.  I hope that they keep cranking out the squash!  Here's one of our family favorites for an easy and tasty summertime dinner:  ZUKE AND EGGS.

This recipe was used in the June issue of Edible Pioneer Valley.  We were so pleased and honored to be included in the magazine!  In the process I learned that even recipes are edited for the printed word.  The version in the link above is the way I really make it.  I use whole eggs for the Hollandaise sauce.  It makes things extra simple and works fine.  Also, my mom said to use a "walnut-sized" piece of butter and so I do!

This week's shares:

Half Share -
Beans, shell beans, greens, mesclun, beets, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, peaches, hot pepper, squash, sweet onions, dill, a choice item, (in this share, more beans).

Probably, in 2015, we will only offer one size of big share.  Most weeks the Full Share consists of all the same things as a Half Share, only twice as much.  It would simplify things for us a bit to have one size big share and folks who want more can just get 2 shares!

Coming next week: Edaname!

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