Sunday, June 8, 2014

Managing the MINIS, SWAPPING, and EXTRAS

Okay, so we are in a transition time now that the weekly shares have started.  Last Thursday (share #1) the Mini Share choices and the Swapping items shared a table.  That worked okay but Rob came up with another idea that sounds even better.  Next Thursday, June 12, we'll have a special spot with the Mini Share choices and a different area with items for swapping or for purchase.  All this will be labeled, of course.  All farm members, including the Mini Share folks, will be able to swap an item if they wish, or purchase additional items AND we will also be able to protect the Mini Share choices at the same time.  I hope this makes sense.  Feel free to ask Rob or me to explain it.  Anyway, thanks for being patient and willing to try out various systems so we can find one that works well.

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